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The office has an experience in real estate business since 1999 and we specialize in:

  • The sale of land
  • The sale of houses

Our professional services include

  • Help and advice on the purchase of a property ( land or building)
  • Visits to houses and plots of your choice
  • Financial and legal advice on proceeding with the purchase
  • Advice on planning procedures for new or old buildings
  • Supervisions and managing the construction of buildings
  • Building the house of your choice

We will help you to get answers to your questions like :

  • Are you buying property in the right location
  • Are you buying property in the right price
  • Are there any hidden or additional costs
  • Will you have problems selling the property in the future
  • Witch are the documents of the property need to buy
  • What deposit you need and how much time to buy a property  

As a future client you will want to be sure you can relay on professional services in any property matters you may enter into.Too often one hears of the middle man or the illegal agent, giving bad advice, encouraging unrealistic expectations and fostering wrong judgments. By the time the client realizes all is not well, it is often too late to avoid problems and possibly loss.The services of a reputable legal estate agent are essential both for your peace of mind and for the successful completion of your venture. 

  • the risk of getting bad advice, and making wrong judgment
  • the difficulty in finding the right property in limited time
  • the difficulty in dealing with complicated Greek laws and legal system   

There are two basic ways of finding and buying property in Alonnisos.

  • You can contact us ( with email is the best way) and describe the type of property you want to buy. Most of the people want to buy a property that can be build but also there are people they buy to have a garden or something similar.
  • You will have to come and visit the island if you have not already done something like that. Most of the people are buying in the island are visitors for years. We will discuss and try to understand your needs and be sure that we will show you properties that no one can show you in the island. After 12 years work in the island we have done most of the survey for Alonnisos properties (we have measured more than 2200 properties in the island) and we can advice you witch land is good or not. We can also take you to see houses that we have build the last 8 years and we get you in touch with the owners to get their opinion for us.  


 The are two kinds of properties you can buy talking about land.

  • Properties that are in the village borders.
  • Properties outside the village borders (country land).

The land prices are effected from things like :

  • Distance from the sea
  • Views
  • Area (developed or not)
  • Access and facilities (electricity, telephone, water) 

The properties in the village borders are smaller and they start from 200and to 500 m2 usually. They have a higher building rate than other properties. In a property of 400 m2 you have the right to build a house of maximum 340 m2. Also you are free to make 20% of covered verandas and 20% of balconies of the building area. The basement is not counting in the building area (free). Prices for these plots start from 30000 euros and go up.

The properties outside village borders need to be minimum 4000 m2 unless they are not more than 500 meters from the village and they need to be minimum 2000 m2. The building in a 4000 m2 plot , can be maximum 200 m2 and gets bigger when land is more. Prices start from 40-45000 euros and go up.

** NOTE. A new law that efects properties on Alonnisos island started on 31-03-2011. Make sure that the land you are buing is buildable.  


Usually the houses are for sale in Alonnisos, are second hand houses. New houses for sale are difficult to find. Most of the houses are available in the area of the Old Town and also old houses in Patitiri (port) and Votsi that belong to local people.

From time to time there are houses that are in the country area of Alonnisos ane their owners want to sell for various of reasons.


Alonnisos, Greece, P.C. 37005, Tel.: +30 24240 65825, Fax: +30 24240 65598

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