Since 1995 the office has constructed a number of public works projects, most of them to a limited budget, such as :

- Repair of pumping station at Gialia, Alonnisos
- Repair of old communal offices for Municipality of Alonnisos
- Repair of old primary school on Old Town, Alonnisos and rehabilitation as museum
- Construction of parking lot at Patitiri, Alonnisos
- Construction of transformer sub-station for Public Power Corporation at Patitiri, Alonnisos
- Paving of seafront piazzas at Patitiri Harbour, Alonnisos
- Construction of road safety education park on Skopelos
- Construction of offices of new primary school at Patitiri, Alonnisos


Since 1998 we have also been engaged in projects for private individuals, most of them involving the costruction of holiday homes. For example :

- House for Robert Jones, at Isomata, Alonnisos
- House for Ellen Mixon, at Pagiri, Alonnisos
- House for Christina & Francesco Colletti at Pefkos, Alonnisos
- House for Colin Webb at Isomata, Alonnisos
- House for John Wyatt at Pefkos, Alonnisos
- House William Johnsosn & Matthias Schleenmann at Megali Amos, Alonnisos
- House for Christos Yianniotis at Kato Horafi, Alonnisos
- House for Sofia Bitloglou ata Steni Vala, at Alonnisos
- House for Martin Gibbs at Kato Horafi, Alonnisos
- House for Patricia Casalli at Votsi, Alonnisos
- House for Olivia Siskou at Old Town, Alonnisos
- House for Theofilos & Barbara Priovolos at Agalou Laka, Alonnisos
- House for Guy Routh & Jane Valentine at Ampara, Alonnisos

- House for Piringers family at Megali Amos Alonnisos

- House for Italian Family at the Ild Town, Alonnisos

- Apatment and reastaraunt for local family, Steni Vala, Alonnisos

- House for Belgium family, Pente Vrises, Alonnnisos

- House for Belgioum couple, Isomata, Alonnisos

- House for Greek family, Aspropilia, Alonnisos

- House for Greek couple, Palioxorafina, Alonnisos

- House for Engish couple, Stenoxorafo, Alonnisos

Under construction this year :

- House at Makris Kavos (stage of works : concrete frame Feb 2014)





- One floor holiday home (starts JUNE 2014)

-2 level holiday home (starts JULY 2014)



Alonnisos, Greece, P.C. 37005, Tel.: +30 24240 65825, Fax: +30 24240 65598

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